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BBC African Radiotape Service, no. 8
BBC African Radiotape Service, no. 6
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 128
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 111
Hubert Ogunde: a musical celebrity
South African punk rock, new wave and alternative music, 1977 - 1989

This study documents the history and lyrics of a counter culture of South African
punk rock, new wave and alternative music from the late nineteen-seventies and
nineteen-eighties. While attempting to recover a lost history of this oppositional

Introduction to the history of music amongst Indian South Africans in Natal 1860- 1948 : towards a politico-cultural understanding

The study concerns itself expression of music and the meanings associated with it. Music forms, music personalities, and music functions are traced. Some explanations of the relationships between class structures, religious expression, political affiliation, and music are suggested.

Musical Instruments and entertainment at Hindi Weddings

WHEN the first Indian indentured labourers
came to South Africa they brought some
small musical instruments with them. The
music o these instruments gave pleasure to
the guests ttending the first Hindi wedding
on South Aft~an soil. Most of these instruments

Africa in rhythm and literature

Looking at music, television and culture.

The New African: Volume 8, Number 2, 1969
Jazz epistle-7. Cecil Taylor: motion and the fundamental soul

Letters to the editor.

Jazz epistle - 6

Incident on a Highveld Farm.

Jazz epistle

Jazz music and musicians.

The New African: Volume 4, Number 2, April 1965
Dollar Brand

An article about the jazz pianist, Dollar Brand.

Jazz epistle-5

An article about the cancellation of music concerts due to South African Government race policies.

Jazz epistle-4

Jazz South Africa makes the big time jazz scene.

The Duke's men

Studies by a South African artist of the Duke Ellington concert tour of Britain.

Jazz epistle-2

The "freedom" jazz movement.

Jazz epistle

Looking at the lack of development of jazz music in South Africa.


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