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UDM manifesto
The Mariathal Mission, Ixopo.

The Mariathal Mission, Ixopo - Natal

Postcard from Kate to Phyllis Naidoo

Real healing is taking place here. Self restoration. On a more extended plan, the contrast between Mission life (we are a mission, it seems) at the Lesotho sun.

Notes on Xuma
Cloistered Perspectives
Ten principles on which good industrial mission work must be based

The following list was prepared by the Rev. Scott Paradise for guidanceof the Detroit Industrial Mission in the U.S.A. It grew over three years' experience with Bisnop Wickham m the Sheffield Industrial Mission.

National question - struggle for unity
The contribution of mission hospitals to medical care
CCAWUSA Johannesburg branch: Discussion paper-the way forward

Article by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) to all locals/Shopstewards. It discusses the historical background, the clarification of what they have been fighting for and the formation of the organisation. Accompanying documents are reports.

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