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The American Optometric Association
Hospital Ward

Ward in R K Khan Hospital

Letter from Nellie to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for your letter. A fortnight before Will’s death, our eldest son lost his wife with cancer. A young mother with four children, the youngest celebrated her first birthday yesterday this is much more tragic than my own loss.

Notes on Msomi
Notes on Moroka
Notes on Msomi
A young man holding a bottle, possibly administering medicine to a woman and baby nearby


Caption for photograph: Muti. (Medicine)

Young woman, holding a baby, standing outside a corrugated-iron roofed building


Caption for photograph: Medicine for the Baby

Description: Early twentieth-century.  The woman has braided hair and is wearing beaded necklaces.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 28



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