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Mobile hawker
Flowers - Farmers and markets - 1982-1984
Newspaper articles on India and South Africa
South African Press Cuttings of 1969
South African Press cuttings 1970-1971
Press cuttings - 1972

In many places in Carnatic and Bengal, weavers deserted villages and migrated to other villages to set up looms. ...

Indian Family

Indenture family in front of their hut

Indian employment

Indian trading and employment

Hawkers market square Johannesburg

Hawkers at the Market Square in Johannesburg during 1900

Vendors, Parking, Pedestrians, Bus Stops, Squatters Market

Informal vendors under the N3 bridge.

Vendors, Parking, Pedestrians, Bus Stops, Squatters Market

Street vendor trying to sell vegetable

Vendors, Parking, Pedestrians, Bus Stops, Squatters Market

Image from the station towards Victoria street. The N3 freeway bridge coming into Durban City Centre is visible. The parking lot is visible where the New Victoria street Market is now situated.

Durban Market Area - Warwick Avenue 1980

Outside view of the Durban Market at Warwick Avenue

Angry women confronting a policeman 20 October 1970

Indian traders

Control and Repression: The Plight of Indian Hawkers and Flower Sellers in the Durban CBD, 1910-1948

Hundreds of Indians attempted to make a living on the streets of Durban as hawkers and flower sellers between 1910 and 1948 as they left plantation indentures to find work in the urban environment.

Indian Market

Hawkers in the Indian market


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