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Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act

Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act

Meeting of the Durban General Council of the Dominion Party

At a Meeting of the Durban General Council of the Dominion Party held in Durban on Friday afternoon last the following resolution was passed.....

Report of General Purpose Committee

Report of General Purpose Committee, Meeting Held 25th April 1944.

1. Natal Indian Commission

The City at its meeting on the 11th April 1944 arising out of the report..

Minutes of the Council meeting

Minutes of the Council meeting

That Councilor W. Wanless be granted leave of the absence from this meeting of the City Council

Corporation of the City of Durban

Sir, The proposed withdrawal from operation of the trading and occupation of land.....

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

The President said the Agenda would be somewhat upset as the Administrator was to attend and address the meeting on the subject....

The Indian Question in Natal. Memorandum by the Secretary

Consideration is to be given at the April Quarterly meeting of the Natal Municipal Association......

Notes of the Proceeding at the Conference of Delegates of the Natal Municipal Association and the Natal Indian congress on the Subject of "The Pegging Act"

The President said that the primary purpose of the meeting was to receive the Executive Committee of the Natal Indian Congress in order to hear their views on the subject of Indian Penetration

Executive Committee and Indian Penetration meetings

The Presidemt now directs that all Towns be circularised with a brief resume of the action since taken on the Association's behalf.....

Various Correspondence on the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

E C Wilkes, Esq, M. P. C. papers

I have been instructed to inform you that on behalf of the Ratepayers' Associations of Durban it is requested that before any final decision be taken with regard to....

Letter to the Hon. Col. C P Stallard

I have during the last few days received several communications from the Prime Minister in London in connection with the legislation bearing on the Asiatic question which is to be dealt with in the Natal Provincial Council

The development of the Indian Indenture Labour problem in South Africa

The indentured labour system arose to meet with the objective demands of a certain section of plantation owners resulting from the abolition of slavery. 'The very existing ascendant capitalism demanded a free labour supply and a maximum reserve of labour.


For the past hundred years there has been in force in South Africa legislation deferentially affecting the various racial groups now comprised within the Union of South Africa.

Under the banner of SWAPO

Namibia's guerrillas face death.

Birth pangs of an ideology

An analysis of ideology development in South Africa.

To breach the wall of silence

The case for specific legislation to meet the needs of Africa's blind and deaf.


..."And I urge you to join with the Missus and me fighting the oppressive legislation of the government..."

The breaking of men

Solitary confinement and torture.

Words, words, words

Notes on the written word.

The New African: Volume 2, Number 8, September 1963


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