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The Emperor's Clothes: Race, Poverty and Due Process of Law
The Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women
NUSAS Law Directive

Report by the Law Directive to the 59th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 28 November to 3 December 1981.

Transkei Subversion Charges Against Liberals
Section 29 of the Internal Security Act and the Rule of Law
The Role of Law and Lawyers in an Unjust Society - Current Trends
Speaking Your Mind About the Judges and the Law
The Rule of Law
The Rule of Law and Basic Freedoms
Liberalism and a Bill of Rights
Legalistic Cynicism
Editorial: Only the Tip of the Iceberg
'Disappointingly Slender'
The Westwinkel of Amsterdam
Apartheid and the Law
Sentencing in a Multi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic Society
The Centre for Applied Legal Studies
Plans for workers summit on law
Consultation in preparation for the meeting with law professors from white South Africa

Notes regarding a meeting to discuss and work out an agenda for an African National Congress meeting with South African Law professors.

Proposed legal conference

Notes by Jack Simons on behalf of the African National Congress Constitutional Committee, regarding Professor Richard Dworkin's proposal of a conference about South Africa and the idea of legality or rule under law.


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