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Indian railway labour in Natal 1876-1895
Review of other professions - Agriculture
Historical background on Indian Community
Peter Brown Collection: Farm labourers working a field

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Tea Estate

Tea estates in the Stanger district on the north coast made the most intensive use of women's labour on plantations. Mechanisation was not ...

Early Indian Indentured Labour

Individual images of early Indian Indentured labourers in the Colony of Natal

Sugar cane fields

Labourers on the Cane fields

Sugar Cane Cutting

he majority of Indian South Africans are the descendants of indentured workers brought to Natal between 1860 and 1911 to develop the sugar indus

Indian sugar workers and families in Natal

In Natal of the nineteenth century the white economy was based on the ... Hence there was a great demand for labour for the sugar plantations. ... of discrimination had far-reaching consequences for Indian family life, as it ...

Cofee picking in Kearsney

Arrival of the first indentured Indians, an event that was to have far-reaching ... Every vessel used to transport indentured Indians had ... Picking coffee beans.

Indian Labourer
SS Truro

Painting of the ship S S Truro docked. On a small boat indenture laborers been brought to shore

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