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Provocative Scholarship
'The Employment Process: A Manual on Black Labour'
Problems of African Labour
From Crossroads to Khayelitsha...?
Structural Unemployment in Southern Africa
When the Ovambo Went Home
"The New Townsmen"
Ciskei Manpower Development Programme

Ciskei Manpower Development Programme aimed to create employment opportunities for Ciskeians

Programme of action for the ANC

Programme of action for the ANC. Lists upcoming campaigns: Violence, Constituent Assembly, Land and Housing, Building organs of people's power, Gangsterism, Living Wage, Privatisation and Labour Issues. Looks at structure of the campaigns.

Where do we stand?: APDUSA and a nation free of race hatred and oppression

APDUSA shows concern in how the Herrenvolk and the Broederbond, and particularly in the Western province, attempts to split-up the Non-Whites into various groups with their own policeman-chiefs.

New Age Vol.4 No.2858 May. 1958
Meeting of ANC, SACP, COSATU of Transkei and the Border held in Umtata

Minutes of a meeting of the Tripartite Alliance. Discussed political developments in Transkei and Ciskei, the way forward and problems in the labour movement.

Facts 2: Covering The Wages Commissions: how they started

Fact sheet giving information about the origin, purpose and activities of the Wages Commissions which had been established on the five campuses affiliated to the National Union of South African Students.

The great conspiracy. Part 2
The crisis of leadership
Job reservation-Part 2: "Every white man a gentleman"
Job reservation -Part 1: Every white man a gentleman
The social basis of the European political groups
The Transkei tragedy: continuing a detailed study of effect of the Bantu Authorities Act in the Union`s biggest reserve
Can the Congress of Democrats win mass support?: A criticism


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