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"Divided We Stand, United We Fall"
"The New Townsmen"
'The Employment Process: A Manual on Black Labour'
10 Years of the SALB 1974-1984
A decade of solutions
A Freestate hold for SAAWU
Annexure containing summary of the conclusions reached by the Round Table Conference on the Indian question in South Africa.

Scheme af assisted emigration (I) Any Indian of 16 years or over may avail himself of the scheme. In case of a family, the decision of the father will bind the wife and minor children under 16 years...

Ballinger Papers A 410
Basket making

Bamboo basket was symbol of economic freedom. ... were considerable numbers of free Indians in Natal in addition to the indentured. ... The craft of basket weaving using bamboo became popular for some families as these ...

Bethal case-book
Bethal case-book

Article on slavery at Bethal. A description of poor living conditions, forced labour, beatings, lynchings and other gruesome assaults on Blacks working on farms in Bethal.

Black Sash / Sash

Sash, originally published as Black Sash, is a detailed record of the activities of the Black Sash organisation: the petitions, protests, marches, vigils, press releases and Conference papers which reflect the modus operandi of their desire to bring about change in the legislation which was, in t

Book review: A review of: R.Cohen: Labour and politics in Nigeria 1945-71
Calm, Objective - and Unnerving
Can the Congress of Democrats win mass support?: A criticism
Case study: introducing work study at a factory in the Transvaal
Chapter eleven: Black labour
Chapter ten: Black labour
Cheap, Black labour fuels economy


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