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South African Politics - loose items
Chapter five: Urban African Affairs - Bantu Affairs Administration Boards (BAAB)
Broadening the education base: from revolt to a search for alternatives
June 16: South Africa's Youth Day

Speakers notes for the 12th anniversary of June 16th, 1976. Examines the significance of the day, the enemy reaction, the responsibility of the youth, and the duty of the liberation alliance.

The Riots in Urban African Areas
Editorial: Soweto
Reports made to the police concerning the demonstrations and/or matters associated therewith: 16 th June 1976

A list of reported crimes that occured in and around Soweto on the 16th June 1976

A statement of the National Executive Committee to all units of the African National Congress

Statement by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the ANC National Executive Committee to the ANC regarding the changed situation after June 16th, 1976.

Statement of the African National Congress on the current situation in South Africa

Statement of the ANC on the current situation in South Africa. Reflects on the events of June 16th in Soweto.

June 16 Memorial service: a theological rationale and a call to prayer for the end to unjust rule

Pamphlet for the 10 year commemorative June 16 Memorial Service. This pamphlet consists of songs including Nkosi sikekela i-Africa, prayers and sermons.

June 16 - a day to remember
A Soweto son comes home
Soweto Day 1987
Statement of the South African Council of Churches

Journal article containing a statement by various church bodies including the South African Council of Churches, the Christian Institute, IDAMASA, the World Council of Churches, ALCA and several foreign churches in reaction to the unrest in Soweto. Note that this document is not very legible.

Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.13 Apr 1960
Interview with Winnie Mandela on the Soweto riots

In a interview Winnie Mandela puts forth reasons for the eruption of violence in Soweto on June 16th.

Soweto - era of mass struggles begin
A tragedy we can never forget ...
Bonds of unity consolidated


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