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At the apocalypse: the South African Church claims its hope - an interview

Interview with Allan Boesak about the role of South African churches, in particular the Dutch Reformed Church, in the struggle for democracy

At the Otsego County Fair

Informal survey in the USA about the future of South Africa.

B and S Struggles
BBC Goes to Bloemfontein
Bibliographies: Francis D Imbuga - cross references
Black Art and Artists in South Africa

Oral interview with Ms P Khosa, an art teacher who was residing at R740, Umlazi at the time and place of the interview.

Braitex choir: singing for workers
Bureau for community development rooted in Inkatha ideals
Case study: introducing work study at a factory in the Transvaal
Chief Gatsha Buthelezi Speaks to Colin Gardner
Ciskei Commission: interviews

Transcript of interviews of E.N. Belewa and Mr Tindleni , to the Ciskei Commission of Inquiry, regarding the negative impact of separate development with particular reference to the Transkei and Ciskei.

Civics in transition: The people's watchdog in PE
Comercialisation of Post and Telecommunications: racism and retrenchments
Compensation - a worker`s story
Comrade Mutandare of the ZCTU
Comrade President OR Tambo on Africa Day
Congress of the people
Cosas: an organising force in the classroom
Countdown to general strike : 4-5 November


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