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A labour of love: The Biography of Dr Shishupal Rambharos

It has taken many months to put together this book, largely because Bhai Rambharos has had a long, varied and rich life that reflects so many different interests. It has been an immense task that has raised many difficult questions.

India has the right to intervene

Newspaper article in the Leader newspaper

Women's Cultural group

Women's Cultural Group - Rhonda Dylisse, Pupil of the World-famous Ramgopal

The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.20
Race, Empire, and Citizenship: Sarojini Naidu's 1924 Visit to South Africa

This paper focuses on Sarojini Naidu's noteworthy 1924 visit to South Africa. She was the first high profile Indian to visit after the departure of Mohandas K. Gandhi in 1914.

Race, class and nationalism : the 1947 visit of Monty Naicker and Yusuf Dadoo to India, 1947

This article focuses on a 1947 tour of India by two South African Indian doctors, Yusuf Dadoo and GM (Monty) Naicker, during which they met with Mohandas K Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and attended the All-Asia Conference.

Letter from Alan Paton to Rajaiah
Letter from Alan Paton to Leif
Letter from Leif to Alan Paton
Letter from Alan Paton to Leif
Letter from Robert M Bartlett to Alan Paton
Mr Dames: Pretoria
South Africans in India
Extract from letter to Sir Raza Ali
Aspects of the Indian scene
Editorial notes: China and India!
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