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Indian Colonial Society. (Cape Town Branch) 1936

Colonial-Born and Settlers' Indian Association and its influence on the course ...

Workers in the tea estate

Indian women picking tea on the tea plantations

Indian Family

Indenture family in front of their hut

Financial Statement and Receipt of Installment of Property

Report of the Protector of Indian Immigrants

Natal Sugar Belt

The Natal Coastal Belt,owing to its peculiar environment and comparative isolation from the remainder of the country, presents ... rise until 1960, and absolute decline only occurred in ... the North coast, twenty-seven sugar mills were in opera-.

Old Train Illovo Sugar c. 1905

In the early 1900s, 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge railway lines started playing a significant role in ... Many defunct locomotives are plinthed at various former railway station sites or work ...

Workers spraying the Cane field

Sugar cane industry in Natal

Sugar Plantation

he sugar estates, and elsewhere, thus reflected and underpinned the ... majority of whom, particularly in the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s, worked on the sugar.

Sugar Cane Cutters - 1870

The demand for labor for Natal's sugarcane fields' had dramatically increased ... 350,000 between 1842 and 1870 and a further 80,000 onwards and to Natal ... Indentured labour was not free labour; and the workers who, either voluntarily or ...


The Indians were sent to work on the sugar cane fields, railways or to work as special servants, ayahs (Nannies) for the White children, waiters or cooks. The Indians lived in atrocious conditions , their wages were low and sometimes they were not paid.

Indenture Labourers on the Coffee plantation

Importing Indentured immigrants from India solved the problem of labour. ... In Natal planting and harvesting seasons overlap to a considerable ...

Indentured Indian
Indians are born fishermen

The Roots of the Durban Fishing Industry ...

Verulam main street

One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, a Cape Town-based company purchased 30 000 acres Crown lands on the banks of the Umdhloti River from the Natal

Nelson Mandela Receiving the Freedom of the Town of Tongaat 21 October 1994
Tongaat Township

Tongaat, a town constituted like most other South African Indian townships, is one ...

Tongaat Village

Tongaat was established in 1945 and its name was taken from the name of the uThongathi River which passes by the town: ...

Tongaat Secondary

School in Tongaat


Tongaat was established in 1945 and its name was taken from the name of the uThongathi River which passes by the town: ...

Mass meeting

Indentured Indian immigration was introduced by the colonial government of Natal ...


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