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A Book and Its Misnomer

A Book and Its Misnomer

A Century of Indian Achievement in S.A.

Newspaper articles on "A Century of Indian Achievement in S.A".

A Documentary History of Indian South Africans

Transcriptions of documents relating to the civil rights struggle of Indians in South Africa from 1860-1982.

A Protest against The Asiatic Segregation Bill of The Government of Union of South Africa

Asiatic, Segregation, Class Areas Bill, Areas Reservation Bill, Immigration

Bombay's Protest Meeting against Asiatic Bill

THE ASIATIC BILL PROTEST MEETING IN BOMBAY Years of Humiliation Inflicted on Indians Bombay, January In. —A public meeting was held to-night with the ...

Britain's mixed half-million
Certificate of Domicile Colony of Natal

The Colony of Natal was a British colony in south-eastern Africa. It was proclaimed a British colony on 4 May 1843 after the British government had annexed the ...

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXI No.9 Issued 21 November 1974
Editorial comment: Mercenaries of apartheid industry
Indian Immigration Bureau - Report for the Year ended 31st March 1924

Indian Immigration Bureau

Indian Immigration Bureau - Report for the Year ended 31st March 1926

Indian Immigration Bureau

Indian Opinion Vol.51 No.38 Sep 1953
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.23 Jun 1956
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.24 Jun 1956
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.2 Jan 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.3 Jan 1960
Indians in South Africa

The Eastern seaboard of Africa has been the happy hunting ground of Indian traders who control the local markets so effectually that to them, it is no exaggeration to say, is due the unemployment, now almost as general amongst the whites in Africa as it is in Europe.Had Indian activities been con

Letter from Howard and Vera to Phyllis Naidoo

I am enclosing a cheque for three pounds for the children in good time for Christmas.

Letter from J D to Ray and Jack Simons

Letter from African National Congress in Zimbabwe to Ray and Jack Simons regarding their names on a list of banned immigrants.

Letter from Jack Simons to Zambian Chief Immigration Officer

Letter from Jack Simons to the Zambian Chief Immigration Officer applying for a residence permit for Ray and himself.


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