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International conventions clearly state the rights of all people to education.
ANC Today Volume 5, No. 11 . 18-24 March 2005

Letter from the President: Human rights, black aspirations and white fears
Human Rights: Honouring the ANC's human rights heritage
The Sociology of the Public Discourse in Democratic South Africa / Part X: A vitoria e gerta!

The building has begun! Government's Report to the Nation, '98

In voting for a better life for all, the people of South Africa set the Government a mandate with three broad and interrelated goals, namely the establishment of a legitimate government that is democratic and an effective instrument for change....

SATOUR News, July/August 1996

Culture - Explore South Africa

Provincial Parliament Programme, Vol 5, No 1

Children's rights are human rights According to the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), a total of 58 children were victims of rape or attempted rape.......

Indicator South Africa – Index Vol. 1 - 6

'Indicator SA has achieved an enviable reputation for skilled, in-depth research ... its . impartiality and accuracy are acknowledged. Indicator occupies a unique position in the ~ . information supply in our rapidly-changing society.'

Democracy Watch No 16, 2002

THE Democracy for All (DFA) programme, launched by t.he Centre for Socio-legal Studies (CSLS) in 1993, is.....

Democracy Watch - No. 4 1998


Currents - Vol 9 No 2

According to the terms of the 1994 amendment to Section 29 of the Correctional Services Act, children are meant_ to be distinguished from adults, and as a result

The Institution of Black Research Survey

Negotiations and Change - An Opinion Poll of 3725

South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
Draft resolution submitted to Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress held in Durban

Draft Resolution

Minutes, Circulars and Agendas of the Natal Indian Congress in 1950

1950 minutes and agendas

Natal Indian Congress, Reservior Hills Branch

Religion and Human Rights

Letter from Bert to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Bert to Phyllis Naidoo.

Cato Manor

Cato Manor:  Human Rights Day, 1959

Letter from Dot Cleminshaw to Peter Brown
Letter from Elisa to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for your letter, it’s so good to hear from you.

Civil Rights League Newsletter, Vol 40 No.2 May 1993
Civil Rights League Newsletter, Vol 39 No.2 May 1992


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