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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Kruger

You signed my banning/house arrest orders. You signed hundreds of others too. Many of my countrymen have banning orders that are still in your name.

House arrest and the rule of law
Editorial: Eddie Daniels
New Age Vol.9 No.562 Nov. 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.662 Nov. 1962
New Age Vol 9 No 7 November 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.162 Oct. 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.262 Oct. 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.362 Nov. 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.462 Nov. 1962
Who is this Mr N. Honono now serving a five year ban and placed under house arrest?

Circular explaining the background to the banning and house arrest of N. Honono, president of the Non-European Unity Movement.

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