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Sound and Fury
Some Notes on Selby Msimang and the Founding of the ANC
Socio Economic press cuttings
Shepstone, Natal and the Roots of Segregation
Sharpville Massacre: 21 March 1960 and Human Rights Day
Shamba Bolongongo: African king of peace
Setting down roots : Indian migrants in South Africa, 1860-1911

From the early 1860s until 1911 thousands of Indians were recruited to work on the ...

SACP reading list

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

Rossburgh Football Club - 1926

Football in South Africa

Retrieving the Pre-Colonial Past: the Hlubi chiefdom in Zululand-Natal
Republic slogan


Race Relations and Class Conflict as factors in South African History in the 20th Century

The racial basis of the modern South African state is a truism. There was white supremacy everywhere in South Africa before 1910 but Union formalised and intensified it, Lord......

Public servants friendly society SA
Provocative Scholarship
Proposal for Princess Mkabayi Beadwork Society

Junod, (1938: 36) remarks that" .... in spite of all the positive elements to be found in the Bantu languages, a very definite defect in the Bantu [as is proven], is their poor system of numeration"

Promises, promises
Prologomenon to the study of Black Theology

This is a journal article about theology. It covers definition of theology, systematic theology, historical perspectives, and Black theology

Project on Contemporary Political Conflict in Natal

Ethnicity, Society and Conflict in Natal

Presidential address delivered at the Conference of the All African Convention meeting at Bloemfontein

Presidential address delivered at the Conference of the All African Convention meeting in Bloemfontein. Summarises history of dispossession and military conquest in South Africa, political and economic enslavement, and presents strategies for the future.


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