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Tribute to a tribe

Article about the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa.

Two German States and the new Africa
Unfamiliar Perspectives
Unravelling the Complexities
Untold damage of Anglo-Boer war
Urbanisation: an historical perspective
Wanted: new premises for South Africa`s real history
Wars of resistance

Paper by Jack Simons on wars of resistance. Covers the Khoikhoi and San resistance, the Xhosa wars against dispossession, the Zulu opposition.

Westville Soccer Club

Football in South Africa

What is the UDF

UDF Press Conference held on 1 August 1983 at Khotso House, Johannesburg. Discussing history and the background of the United Democratic Front from the time it was established, the meaning of UDF, the progress and the task ahead.

Who got here first - Blacks in South Africa
Why did Dingane kill Retief?
Will we ever learn?

South Africa's age long pattern of trust and betrayal is at last broken by the impact of Lembede.

Winners - BM Singh's Inter-District Trophy - 1939

BM Singh's Inter-District Trophy

Women making history: 9 August 1956
Women on the march - a woman's place is in the struggle
Womens' oppression No 2
Working paper on the International Student Movement

Working paper on the international student movement. Part of appendices for the International Department, presented at the 44th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, 30 Jun to 9 July, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

World's Religions A Global Congress after September 11

World's Religions A Global Congress after September 11

Young Ones Football Club

Football in South Africa


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