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Hawkers market square Johannesburg

Hawkers at the Market Square in Johannesburg during 1900


Hawkers at the market

Indian hawkers at the Old Warwick Market

Hawker at the Warwick Avenue market

Warwick Avenue bridge - Railway station

Indian traders

Florist Flower seller

Flower stall

Report of Asiatic Land Laws Commission

In terms of Commissions issued by Your Excellency on 3rd February, 1938, and 24th March, 1938, the undersigned were appointed as Your Excellency's Commissioners to enquire into and report whether, and if so to what extent, the letter and spirit of any law restricting or prohibiting the ownership,

Market day

Painting of a market place

Painting of hawkers

Hawkers carrying baskets, a Benjamin Ganasen painting

Indian Market

Hawkers in the Indian market

Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.12 Mar 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.8 Feb 1954
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