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Africa's bitter dilemma

Revolutions have often occurred in the history of nations.

African and Afrikaner History

There can be little doubt that the new Oxford History of South Africa re- presents a major andessential first step in the rethinking of South African history. While in the 1930s and 1940s South …


This is a programme under the theme, Against all odds: African Languages and Literatures into the 21st Cntury. It took place at Asmara, Eritrea in January 11-17, 2000.

Against the ban on the Algerian Communist Party
AI Kajee
Albert Lutuli's Interview with Drum, Johannesburg, January 19551
Algeria and De Gaulle
An African diary
ANC - Manifesto - 1999
ANC government and economic policy press cuttings
ANC Government Economic Policy
ANC Today Volume 6, No. 32 . 18-24 August 2006

Letter from the President: Lesotho says No to corporate corruption!
16th International AIDS Conference: It is time to deliver
Local Economic Development: Local economic growth needs cooperation of all

Annual report of the agent of the government of India in South Africa for the year ending 31st December 1927

The appointment of an Agent of the Government of India in South Africa is an outcome of the Conference held at Cape Town in December 1926 and January 1927 between representatives of the Governments of India and of the Union of South Africa.....

Anti apartheid organisations NGOs
Apartheid & Racism
Apartheid, 1948-1961
Are we in earnest?
Articles about Indians future in South Africa 1976-1977
Articles from Journal of Commerce
Articles on racism


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