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People were hurt, admits unlikely star Wessels
Police put a clamp ban on statements by United Democratic Front and other bodies

Pamphlet about police put a clamp ban on statement by United Democratic Front and other bodies as the government has barred the Sowetan and weekly mail from publishing any statement issued by the United Democratic Front and 12 other organisations promoting four major campaigns organised by the Un

Political trends in Kenya
Portrait of a failure: Sir Roy Welensky
Portrait of a millionaire: 'I Harry Oppenheimer'
Portrait of Iain Macleod
Presidential address to the Twelfth Annual National Conference of the Black Sash
Press statement on United Democratic Front rejects the imposition of the regional services councils.

Press statements regarding the United Democratic Front rejects the imposition of the regional services councils as once again the apartheid regime ignore the legtimate demands of the people and impose Regional Services Councils on the communities.

Pretoria hoisted by its own petard
Pretoria Minute

Minutes of discussions between the South African Government and the African National Congress in Pretoria, 6 August, 1990. Re-committing themselves to the Groote Schuur Minute. Discussed violence and negotiations.

Problems of political power
Problems of trade unionism in South Africa
Profile of a President: Tubman of Liberia
Profile, Namibia

Profile, Namibia .Booklet discussing: basic facts, churches, resources, chronology, political development and economic situations.

Prospects for the Lagos Charter

Empirical Pan-Africanism at the Lagos summit.

Providing for Revolution


RDP vs NGO? The battle of acronyms
Regering se intimidasie-politiek vererger die Universiteite se dilemma (Article written in Afrikaans)


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