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Aga Sultan Mahmud Shah

Aga Sultan Mahmud Shah

Indian hawkers barred from trading in white areas

The Aslatic Question - 13/8/1908



Protest meeting in Pretoria

Protest meeting in Pretoria in 1907

Late Mr S Naggappan

Late Mr S Naggappan

Burning of certificates
Thambi Naidoo, ardent Passive Resister

Narainsamy Thambi Naidoo, also known as “Naran” or “Roy.” was born in 1901 in ... Passive Resistance in South Africa · 1946 African ...

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Ram Sunder Pandit

Pandit Ram Sunder - Passive Resister

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania demanded entry into Transvaal

Late SORZAI Strike victim

Passive Resistance Struggle

Deportation to India (1908 - 1909)

Between January 1908 and June 1909 approximately one thousand Indians were deported to India.

Stopped at Volksrust near Transvaal border

Transvaal Protest March organized by Gandhi, October-November

Burning of passes

Burning of passes - 1908

Tussle between Gandhi & Smuts

Cartoon impression of Gandhi and Smuts

Parsee Rustomjee & others

Passive Resisters

March through Volksrust on the way to the Transvaal border (Passive Resister)

Passive Resister

Gandhi in traditional dress towards end of Passive Resistance (1913)

Gandhi in traditional dress

Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi (Miscellaneous)

Indian Leaders proceeded to Johannesburg to assert rights

Tributes to Gandhi from the Unpublished book on the "Life of Gandhi" by the Pretoria Tamil Society.

Gandhi promotes soccer matches


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