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HS Done and Friends

1934 x 1083

Mrs AS Done with friends 1950

Dimension  - 1141 x 804

Friends of Phyllis Network

A list of names, addresses and contact numbers of  Friends of Phyllis Network.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to WALTERIO

Its Sunday here -4.30pm. Its 9.30am in Havana. Good morning to you. When my friend from the US phoned me from Harare. He addressed me ' in Spanish - he had me spinning. Until he said its me BUD.

Cricket and Colonialism: From Swami and Friends to Lagaan
Letters of Phyllis Naidoo, Monroe and friends during 1980's and 1970's

Letters of Phyllis Naidoo , Monroe and others during the 70's and 80's

Friends Pastel


Letter to Alan and Ann

hand written letter to friends fro Phyllis

Letters of Mr Chizamusoko and Phyllis Naidoo

Letters of J Chizamusoko and Phyllis Naidoo


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