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Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 195
Routes of the Roots: Geography and Literature in the English-speaking countries
Larsony or Fiction as Criticism of Fiction
Letter from Bernth Lindfors to Deutsch
Letter from Bernth Lindfors to Marvill Press
Letter from Alice Salmon to Bernth Lindfors
Too Late the Phalarope Best Sellers
Wartburg Press book review
Escape to freedom

Fictional story.

Holiday song

Fictional story.

The tamtam

Retold from the French.


Retold from the French.

The day the thunder struck

Fictional story.

The laws of the forest

Short story translated from the French.

Without a breath or a murmur

Translated from the French.

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.

De Gaulle and the night visitors

The second of this series of translations from the French.

Document and imagination

The novel, Africa's only totally imported literary form, has moved from flat bald statement to imaginative experiment.

A few days and nights

This pre-publication extract (Chapter 1) from an important Camerounian first novel sets a scene which reverses the roles of the French and African lovers in Cyprian Ekwensi's "Night of freedom".


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