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Civil Rights League Newsletter, Vol 39 No.4 November 1992
Statement by Moltino Mtantalala on his employment and subsequent resignation at Lyndhurst Farm

Statement by Moltino Mtantalala about circumstances surrounding his resignation and eviction from Lyndhurst Farm

Statement of Tutu Jim Nqata about his eviction from Lindhurst Farm

Statement by Tutu Jim Nqata describing circumstances surrounding his dismissal and eviction from Lindhurst farm

Statement by Fashion Somtsora and six others on the building of Donald Knott's house

Statement by Fashion Somtsora about evictions from Wolseley Estate

Statement by Zamngqondo Gingana evicted from the farm Bell Rock

Statement by Zamngqondo Gingana, a farm worker, describing circumstances surrounding his dismissal and eviction from Bell Rock farm.

Farm labour law conference, 1993 report

Report by the Street Law Coordinator on the Farm Labour Law Conference which discussed the consequences and meaning of the extension of Labour Legislation to Farm Workers.

From a South African Farmer
Developments of Practical Strategies for Improved Worker Relationships With the Farmer
Notes from meeting with Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker

Notes of a meeting held between Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker pushing for the complete abolition of the Trespass Act of Section 1 of the Illegal Squatting Act

New Age Vol.8 No.42 Jul. 1962
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