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Natal farm labour tenants take steps to organise
New Age Vol.5 No.50 Oct. 1959
New Age Vol.8 No.27 Apr. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.40 Jul. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.49 Sep. 1962
Newspaper articles on Squatters: Cape Town - 1996 and 1997

Volunteer teacher Ms Cynthia Mbeki was the first to build a shack at the Polla Park squatter settlement- but she will...

Notes from meeting with Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker

Notes of a meeting held between Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker pushing for the complete abolition of the Trespass Act of Section 1 of the Illegal Squatting Act

NUM News

NUM news, published by the National Union of Mineworkers, reflects the mineworkers struggle for liberation from racial discrimination experienced by workers in the mines with regard to work conditions, wages, hostel accommodation, retrenchments and other related issues.

Papene Sibisi - case study of an eviction
Passes and Places to Stay
Photographs: showing families relocated into resettlement camps after forced removals

Photographs showing resettlement camps and families living in these camps under deplorable conditions after forced removals

Pine Rd. residents don't want to move
Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing

Rent increases
Report on the Whittlesea Resettlement areas with special reference to Zweledinga

Report by the Border Council of Churches on problems faced by Black families who were forcibly removed from their homes because of the policy of separate development and resettled at Whittlesea.

Rural tenants and land rights
Statement by Fashion Somtsora and six others on the building of Donald Knott's house

Statement by Fashion Somtsora about evictions from Wolseley Estate

Statement by Moltino Mtantalala on his employment and subsequent resignation at Lyndhurst Farm

Statement by Moltino Mtantalala about circumstances surrounding his resignation and eviction from Lyndhurst Farm

Statement by Zamngqondo Gingana evicted from the farm Bell Rock

Statement by Zamngqondo Gingana, a farm worker, describing circumstances surrounding his dismissal and eviction from Bell Rock farm.

Statement given to Sunday Times

Draft statement prepared for the Sunday Times opposing the forced removals of the Fingo people from their land


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