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New voters call for workshops, increased air time
Newspaper articles on SA Provincial government
Newspaper articles relating to Minority Front leader Amichand Rajbansi

Minority Front leader Amichand Rajbansi - Elections

NIC and House of Delegates

Press cuttings of the N.I.C. and House of Delegates

Nicaragua: dashed dreams and resilient hope
Nigeria after the elections
Nigeria: the road begins

Editorial about the bloody rioting and ever-rising death toll in Nigeria after the Western Region elections in October 1965.

No easy walk
No Mercy for Criminals
Northern Rhodesia elections: the widening breach

The general election that took place in Northern Rhodesia in October brought to light two main facts above all others.

Notes Jotted Down During the Whites-Only Election
Notes on Mandela Papers

Notes on a memorandum from Nelson Mandela to F W de Klerk regarding the release of political prisoners, peace, negotiations, the National Party's five-year plan and elections.

NP KeyFacts No 19, 3 June 1998

Local government by elections

NP Youth
Obstacles to free and fair elections in Namibia

UN Resolution 435, which provided for free and fair elections in Namibia, was implemented on 1 April 1989. A Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and a UN Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) were responsible for the supervision and control of this process .

October 26: is it free and fair?
On the White Elections

Article by the United Democratic Front regarding the whites only elections.The Front calls on South Africans, especially white compatriots to reject the elections.

Opening Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Johannesburg, 1984

Opening Address by National President Sheena Duncan at the Black Sash National Conference held at Johannesburg on 15 March 1984, discussing: Elections, Group Areas Act, Reform, Apartheid.

Our position on the October municipal elections
Our view of the 'whites-only' election results


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