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Chapter eighteen: Namibia
Chilling Victory
Civil Rights News Letter, September 1961
Clearing a path through voter confusion
Comment: A tonic for nation-wide despair
Comment: Bleak winter if Freedom Alliance fails to come in from the cold
Comment: Cause for celebration as era of shame ends
Comment: Now we must work for peace at the polls
Community councils: control and co-option
Constitutional assembly
Cuba's tears
Daai geld, daai geld, daai baie geld!

Pamphlet produced by the African National Congress for the 1994 elections. Title translated into English reads, That Money, that money, that large amount of money!

Dark Thoughts
Date with destiny
Detention of United Democratic Front's activists

The UDF totally condemns the detention of more than thirty (30) campaigners against apartheid in Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Transvaal and Oudtshoorn. We demand the immediate release of all these activists and the cessation of these acts of terror.

Did you know?
Doing democracy: a challenge before and after the elections
Don't be fooled by De Klerk


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