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An Enduring Scandal
ANC Branch Letter

Branch letter in the ANC Cape Town Branch Newsletter summarising the ANC Political Education Discussion Paper, no. 5 called 'Mass organisation is key to victory!

ANC/UCT Position Paper proposals

Report of a meeting between the ANC and the University of Cape Town on the education crisis. Includes handwritten notes on a consultative meeting between the ANC, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.

Any Colour, as long as it's White
Apartheid and the Medical School

SOYA condemns the idea of the governments intention to transfer administrative control of the Medical School, Durban from the University of Natal to the Univdersity of South Africa, and further condemns the whole system of oppression in dividing the people by colour and now in education as well.


No justice-loving and fair-minded person can deny that the grievances of the school-going population, as in 1976 is valid and indisputable. H hat they deserve the support and backing of all parents and the communities is equally vital.

ASSECA - A Mighty Adventure
Avoiding a new basis for social divisions
AZANYU Congress
Bantu education and the African teacher
Bantu education goes to university
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Beyond reform: the challenge of change - NUSAS July festival speeches

Speeches presented at the NUSAS July festival held at the University of Cape Town which include speeches about State strategy regarding constitutional proposals, Bantustans, educational struggle, community organisation and worker organisation.

Black arts festival - imperialism and aid
Black Consciousness, Black Power

A speech to Black students about Black Consciousness

Black Local Government and the Crisis in Khayelitsha: Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1991

Black Local Government and the Crisis in Khayelitsha: Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 2 March 1991 discussing forced removals, school boycotts, education, police violence in Khayalitsha, marches, protests, unrest, black local authorities.

Black People's Convention: Blueprint of the proposed educational policy

Memorandum discussing the BPC educational guidelines to develop Black Consciousness and national unity while eliminating racism and tribalism

Black Universities in South Africa

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.



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