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Durban, 1883

Durban 1883

Durban, 1941

Durban:1941. General view.

Durban, Natal

Durban, Natal

Durban, West Street

Black and white print 13.9 x 19.4cm

Durban: 1941

Durban 1941: Noel

Durban: 1941

Durban 1941: Scene showing convoy and wreck.

Durban: 1941

Durban 1941: Scene showing wreck and one of larger convoy boats.

Early Durban Circa 1880

Early Durban Circa 1880. Signed with Monogram

Early Durban Circa 1880

Early Durban Circa 1880. Signed with Monogram

Entrance to Durban

Entrance to Durban

Esplanade, Durban


Label on photograph:  "Esplanade, Durban"

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2) ;

File 7 (KCM 91/2/7) ;

Sheet 1



Esplanade, Durban, ca 1900


Caption on photograph: Esplanade

Label on back of photograph: Esplanade, Durban, ca 1900 (Neg.Sh. 347, E.4)

Description: Late nineteenth-century or early twentieth-century


James Robert Webster papers (KCM 92/3) ;

File 4 (KCM 92/3/4)



The Durban Esplanade in different times. Note the yachts parked on the side walk.  The building on the left would be the Durban Club and in the distance the Marine Hotel, another building which was demolished.

Facts which must be faced

Newspaper articles relating to Group Areas Act - Daily News Special Representation

Falls at Waterworks, Durban

Falls at Waterworks, Durban

Foot of Berea Road, Durban


Label on page: Foot of Berea Road, Durban

Description: The photograph depicts a horsedrawn tram on Berea Road, Durban.


Randles family papers (KCM 92/11) ;

File 4 ;

Page 7b


Forward with the capitalist workers struggle
Gandhi addressing farewell meeting at Durban, 1914

Black and white print 25.8 x 18.8cm

Gardner Street

Gardner Street in Durban. Dick King Statue and hotels

GC Kapitans

G.C. Kapitan, really did create the first vegetarian “beans bunny” at his eponymous Durban restaurant, which operated from 1912 to 1992.


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