Dr G M Naicker

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Passive Resistance - After the Indian Congress in S.A

In the calendar of events in the freedon struggle June is most certainly the most crowded and significant month......

Mixed articles on Gandhi 1946

Opening of Imperial Parliament ......................

The Group Areas Act and its effects on the Indian people being a paper by Dr G M Naicker

Conference on the Group Areas Act convened by Natal Indian Congress

Memorandum on Indian Education in Natal

The Natal Indian Congress, the National Organisation of the Indian People.....

Natal Indian Congress correspondences

Letter from Sri Venugopal Nayagar to Dr G M Naicker


Newspaper cuttings

Leaders at the South African Indian Congress Conference

Delegates relax during a break at the 23rd national conference of the South African Indian Congress held in Durban recently.

Chief Albert Luthuli before his departure

Chief Luthuli, with Dr. Naicker on the left and Mrs.Luthuli salutes the Durban crowd on the eve of his departure

Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to the Durban City Council

Dear Sir, Your letter Ref. No. 35/527 og the 12th instants refers.....

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