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Chapter thirteen: Namibia
A diary
The state`s whole repressive machinery
The Gagging Writs
Church of the Province of South Africa
Editorial: More Detentions
Over 1 500 detained since July 20

One of the major reasons for the State President, PW Botha, declaring a State of Emergency in 36 magisterial districts was to justify the mass detentions of some 1 500 people since July 20.

Mass detentions, now a curfew

Using the special powers granted to it by the declaration of a State of Emergency, the South African Police has declared a curfew in a number of Eastern Cape townships.

Detentions - developments during 1988/9
Transformation of the United Democratic Front into a new broad Front

This article discusses the relevence of UDF, its future and the issue of UDF politics.

Editorial notes: Bram Fischer
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