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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXVII No.5 Issued 30 June 1980
Annual Report of the Civil Rights League for the year 1979-1980, presented at the Anuual General Meeting, December 1, 1980
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIV No.6 Issued 1 August 1977
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIV No.1 Issued 10 January 1977
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.7 Issued 9 September 1976
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXII No.9 Issued 6 October 1975
Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Ursulla

I am not sure if you have read anything on the torture in our country. You should have read about Joseph Mdluli’s and Steves death. That is one aspect of detention.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.9 Issued 20 November 1972
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVIII No.9 Issued 2 November 1971
Civil Rights News Letter, April 1959
Leslie Tsuela. Death in Detention : 1968-1981

Leslie Tsuela, death, detention, Docrat, police, Klerksdorp, homicide trial, prisoners, plantation

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Maggie

Please note my address. I've lost the box now that I am not practicing Law. This is my home and you are welcome as always to visit, to share a cup of coffee. I cannot recall whose detention I wrote to you about. I have been waiting to publish short stories on where are they now?

Letter from Helen to Phyllis Naidoo

A very happy Christmas to you, a prosperous New Year and a better government in 1997, wherever you happen to live, especially in Britain - not that there is much hope offered by Tony Blair's Tory-cloned 'New Labour'.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to The Cosby family

The news that your family has suffered the assassination of your 28 year old son ENIS is very painful.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to WILLIE & BETTY LESLIE

When Betty so generously offered to pedicure {cut) Docrat's toe nails on Saturday 22/2, we found that Bones had beat us to the draw. Bones had visited Docrat (82yrs) on that Saturday morning. She offered her skills that she had acquired on her mother ' s toenails and Doc accepted.

Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 141
Writers and Human Rights abuses in Africa

Editorial on Implacable Africa and Shakespeare Makoni.

Breaking of men

An anonymous South African is inspired by reading Ruth First's book "117 days" to describe his own experience of solitary confinement and interrogation, which led to his turning state evidence in a sabotage trial.

Njikelana on SAAWU


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