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 Kaffrishe Tonwaren

Reits O.F.S

KCAV Basuto. Reitz O.F.S.


KCAV 1793-4 Sangoma. Mapumulo or Greytown area? No grossert number.

Shangaan dolls

KCAV 1830-1 Shangaan dolls. Sibasa. Grossert number 1020-1

Sotho ( Pedi) doll

KCAV 1851 N.Sotho ( Pedi) doll. Makombe. Grossert No 464

Sub Inspector E.A. Molotsane, Sup. P.A.P. Mampie. Mr Eister

KCAV 1840 Sub Inspector E.A. MOlotsane, SupP.A.P>Mampie, Mr Eister. Grossert no 367

Three N sothi pots

KCAV 1566B Three  N. Sotho pots. Near Pietersburg Grossert No 301

Traditional dressed males

KCAV 1805-7 Traditional dressed males. Zulu. Last picture may be Swazi? No Grossert  Numbers

Tribal life

KCAV 1791-2 "Tribal ife. Zulu at show". Grey town area? c1959? No Grossert number.

Tsonga? Shangaan dolls and broom

KCAV 1829 Tsonga/ Shangaan dolls and broom. Lemana Training School. Grosssert Number 58

Tswana woman with pots

KCAV 1563 B Tswana woman with pots. Nkeane is large pot type and Nkgo is small pot type and Nkgogo is small pot type. Mrs Nstoe. P. O.Saulsport. Grossert No 19

Waist belt and rattles for dancing

KCAV 1852 Waist belt and rattles for dancing. Pedi Mokomane 24.10.1960 Grosset no465. 1853 Waist /nect ring. Pedi Ngwane Mokube 3.11.1961. Grossert NO 810

Wood craft

 Meatdish. Carved wood on four short legs

Wood Meatdish

 Meatdish Carved wood with raised Block pattern on side.

Woodcarving Meatdish

 Zulu meatdish (ugqoko)

Woodcarving Meatdish

 Meat dish

Woodcarving- meatdish

 Zulu meat- dish

Woodcarving- meatdish

 Zulu meat-dish

Woodcarving- meatdish

Zulu meatdish

Woodcarving- meatdish

Zulu meatdish


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