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Ohio State University Center for African Studies,host the twenty-first annual conference of the African Literature
Association of North America

Achebe 70th birthday, 2000

Hosts A Weekend Conference in Celebration of Chinua Achebe's 70th Birthday.

Achebe 70th birthday, 2000

Hosts A Weekend Conference in Celebration of Chinua Achebe's 70th Birthday.


AUETSA will be held at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. Following recent tradition, the organizing committee has chosen a broad the matic focus for the conference. 


African Studies Association 1999

42nd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association. The ASA is a global organization because of the large number of members based in other parts of the world, especially .......


25°' Annual Conference or the African Literature Association: Continental North-South and Diaspora Connections and.....


The Association of University English teachers of South Africa. UWC 1996

Conference of the Association of University English Teachers of South Africa, hosted by the Department of English at the University of the Western Cape, 30 June - 5......

Commonwealth Triennial Conference Abstracts 1998.

CommonweaIth Triennial Conference on Literature and Language "Sharing A Commonwealth" Abstracts......

Informal traders
Transvaal Non-European Peoples Conference
Letter from the President General of the African National Congress to the secretary of the Transvaal African Congress Mr C.S. Ramohanoe
Paper presented by Peter Vale at a Conference
Letter from Peter Brown to Colleen du Toit
ANC Today Volume 6, No. 13 . 7-13 April 2006

Letter from the President: The Order of the Day - let the work begin!
Skills Development: A skills revolution in a nation united

ANC Today Volume 8, No. 12. 28 March - 3 April 2008

First 100 Days: Good start for the Polokwane mandate
Rule of law: Public representatives should also respect the legal process

APDUSA VIEWS NO. 87 January 2008

The Rowdiness Toward Senior ANC members. The rowdiness exhibited by a large section of the ANC conference towards Minister Lekota was a measure of the hostility the Zuma supporters showed towards the Mbeki faction symbolised by Lekota as its chief spokesman in the.....

International Women's Conference in Nairobi
The English Academy of Southern Africa: English Academy Conference, 4th-6th September 1986
Natal Indian Congress Resolution Fourth Annual Conference held on the 1st and 2nd of October 1950


The Group Areas Act as a European Democrat sees it being paper by Mrs J Arenstein read at Conference on Group Areas Act convened by by Natal Indin Congress 5th and 6th May 1956

Conference on the Group Areas Act


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