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Bechuanaland: the coveted liability

Looking at the relationship between South Africa and its Protectorates.

Messages of Paarl


Submissions to the Commission of Inquiry into Matters Relating to the Security of the State from the National Union of South African Students

Submissions prepared for the Commission of Inquiry into Matters Relating to the Security of the State (chaired by Justice H J Potgieter) by the National Union of South African Students.

Ciskei Commission: interviews

Transcript of interviews of E.N. Belewa and Mr Tindleni , to the Ciskei Commission of Inquiry, regarding the negative impact of separate development with particular reference to the Transkei and Ciskei.

Quotes from Kannemeyer
The Hoexter Commission and the Independence of the Judiciary
Review of the Buthelezi Commission
Chapter six: Coloured Representative Council
Riekert Commission report
Wiehahn Commission: precis of speech

Precis of speech on the Wiehahn Commission of Inquiry into labour legislation, by Auret van Heerden, President of the National Union of South African Students, delivered at the 56th Annual Congress of the National Union, November 1978.

Bosses try to intimidate workers with a new Bill from Rabie
The ANC Conference: from Kabwe to Johannesburg
The Port Elizabeth Disturbances of 1920
Missing the Point - The Theron Commission Report
The Role of the Wages Commissions
The Paarl Report - A Closer Look
Resolutions on violence

Resolutions of the National Executive Meeting of the African National Congress, 18 and 19 September 1990: Resolution on violence and resolution arising from the Report of the ANC/COSATU National Working Committee on Violence, 20 September 1990.

Ciskei Commission: Ciskei Economic Report

Ciskei economic report compiled by Mr Jacobs, Economic Adviser to the Ciskei.

Ciskei Commission: Report

Report by Secreatry of the Interior, Mr Marais, on the 'allocation' of Xhosa speaking people to the Ciskei and the Transkei.


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