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South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
Civil disobedience: a strategy for non-violent direct action
The Black Sash position on civil disobedience
Civil disobedience

Memorandum on areas of legislation which impact on the lives of people. Includes areassuch as influx control, employees/migrants, housing, transport, health, education, sports and recreation.

Divine obedience: a letter to the Minister of Justice

Journal article containing an open letter to the Minister of Justice, the Honourable A Schlebusch, from Alan Boesak about the South African Council of Churhes Resolution on civil disobedience. Translated from Afrikaans.

Statement by the Archbishop of Cape Town, the Most Rev Bill Burnett

Journal article containing a statement by the Archbishop of Cape Town, regarding the Church of the Province Synod's resolution that if members of the Security Force hold office in their Church they are expected to consider their witness before God.

Bishop Tutu hits back at Dr Koornhof

Journal article with a reaction by Desmond Tutu to a statement made in Parliament by Dr Koornoof about an alleged conspiracy by certain organisations to encourage squatters to engage in civil disobedience. Note that the document is incomplete.

Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.16 Apr 1960
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