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Draft resolution submitted to Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress held in Durban

Draft Resolution

Minutes, Circulars and Agendas of the Natal Indian Congress in 1950

1950 minutes and agendas

Natal Indian Congress - Constitution
Memorandum of the N.I.C. - 17th July 1944

N.I.C. Draft Ordinance

Preliminary Statement of the N.I.C. - 2nd June 1944

The Natal Indian Judical Commission

Schedule of Mortgage Bonds passed by Indians over properties situated in those areas in the Old Borough by the Broome Commission to be predominantly European.....
Memorandum presented on behalf of the Durban City Council to the Honourable Francis Napier Broome, K.C., M.C., as the Commissioner appointed under Government Notice No. 327/1943
The Broome Commission - List of Articles
The Broome Commission
Memorandum presented on behalf of the Durban City Council to the Honourable Francis Napier Broome
First Memorandum and Schedules and Final statements and Schedules of the Natal Indian Congress submitted to The Hon. Justice F N Broome, K.C., M.C.,
Extracts from the Broome Commission Report : 1941
Indians in South Africa
The Durban Housing Survey - Indian Penetration
Report of the General Purpose Committee

Minutes of the City Council.....

Extract from minutes of General Purposes Committee

Asiatic Penetration: The Town Clerk read to the meeting letters received.....

Minutes of the City Council

Committee submits the minutes of its meeting held on 8th an 29th December 1939...

Corporation of the City of Durban - City Valuator and Estates Manager

The Town Clerk, Durban

Dear Sir

Re: Asiatic Encroachment

The Notice of Motion - Natal Indian Association

That the City Council instructed the General Purposes Committee

Penetration Assurance and Segregation. Swami Bhawani Dayal's Statement

Swami Bhawani Dayal's statement......


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