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A tale of two cities and the story of a community

This article previously appeared in the magazine of the architectural faculty of the University of the Witwatersrand. The subject formed part of a small exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Amancio Guedes: architect of Lourenco Marques

A look at the architecture of Amancio Guedes.

Architecture: colonial glory

A look at the architecture of the Cape Province, South Africa.

A gentle people

The warm, uncommitted "Coloureds" of the Cape.

Beer, bricks and boots

Lagos and Accra boom into the independent sixties.

Their Jacaranda festival

Aims for South West Africa.

Dream money in Leo


Labadi: a Ghanian subculture

Labadi was formerly well-known as one of the important Ga towns which lie along the coast of what is now Ghana.

Cape Town I sing

Empirical Pan-Africanism at the Lagos summit.

Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, Act No 49 of 1953

The Act was to provide for the reservation of public premises and vehicles or portions thereof for the exclusive use of persons of a particular race or class, for the interpretation of laws which provide for such reservation, and for matters incidental thereto.

Open (and democratic) cities drive
Civic forum to back up democratic Durban
Giving SA`s cities a "human" face
A cultural shopping spree for better future
Shaping a new future in our cities
To town, to Eloff, to that exclusive White paradise

Circular urging the people of Johannesburg and surrounding areas to demonstrate against government oppression

Riverlea extension - a ghetto in the "City of gold"
Editorial notes: Johannesburg celebrates the New Year
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