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Victoria Picture Palace

Victoria Picture Palace where Ishfahan currently stands

Victoria Picture Palace


Victoria Picture Palace


Shah Jehan

Shah Jehan fre show night

Shah Jehan Cinema

Shah Jehan cinema in Durban

Shah Jehan

Cinema in Durban

Shah Jehan

Shah Jehan cinema in Grey Street up for auction

Shah Jehan

Shah Jehan advert in the Graphic

Raj Cinema

Street view on Raj cinema on Prince Edward Street

Raj Cinema

Raj Cinema going up for auction

Raj Cinema

Indian cinema in Durban

Old Shah Jehan cinema

Old Shah Jehan cinema victim to video crazy

Naaz cinema

Naaz cinema in Victoria street

Naaz Cinema

Naaz cinema changed the name to Shah Jehan

Naaz Cinema

The Naaz Cinema was opened by Ramnikal Goshalia in 1953 when the Victoria Picture Palace’s lease expired.

Avalon Cinema

Movie cinema in Durban

Opening of Shah Jehan Cinema

Shah Jehan Non-European  Cinema Opened by Durban Mayor

Rani Theatre

Staff and owners of the Rani Theatre in Clairwood

Shah Jehan cinema

The Shah Jehan Cinema, named after the emperor responsible for the building of the Taj Mahal in India, was established by the Rajab Brothers in 1956.

Letter from Huth to Phyllis Naidoo

We didn’t know either of his plans at that time. What people have to go through for freedom.  Phyllis it bothered me very much your view on Hungary. What does it all mean (cinemas, libraries, hospitals etc.), if the intellect of the country cannot speak out what they want. 



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