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Dr Abdullah Abdurahman (1873-1940)
Dr John Philip
A Cape Peninsula coastline

A Cape peninsula coastline

Headed cloth cape worn by married woman Stanger. c1980sed

Beaded cloth cape worn by married woman for respecting in-laws. Stanger/Glenendale c1980s

Headdress married woman Stanger c1980s

Cape for married woman Stanger/ Glenedale c1980s

Beaded apron worn by married woman from Jokweni location Peddie, Ciskei c1940s

Blanket woolen cloth decorated with perl button and beads. Ingubo yomfazi. Megengu married woman Jokweni location Peddie Ciskei c1940s

Beaded apron worn by woman from Nkandla c1970s

Small respecting cape worn by bride in the Nkandla area c1970s

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr
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