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Soweto Riots
The Black Consciousness Movement
Organisation & Strategies of the Major Resistance Movements in the Negotiation Era

Transition to democracy : policy perspectives 1991

Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism
Bantu Biko the founding father of BC philosophy
Azapo - HIST SA Organisations

DOC 1256-359

Socialist party of Azania
DOC 1256-358

The constitution of SANCO
DOC 1256-357

The constitution of Azapo
DOC 1976-29

Azapo election manifesto
DOC 1976-30

Contributions to PMBurg 150th Anniversary Book
Plan van kantore op die vyfde verdieping Lekton Huis, Wandererstraat 5, Johannesburg wat op 1977-10-19, duursoek deur Luitenant J.I. De Waal en Waal

A plan of the offices of BCP and SASM in Johannesburg as prepared by police.

Inventaries van stukke gevind en op beslag gele deur Luitenant J. I. De Waal op 1977-10-19 in the Kantoor van die "South African Students" movement te Lekton Huis Nr 505, Wandererstraat 5, Johannesburg

An inventory of items found in the offices of the "South African Students Movement" and submitted as evidence by Lieutenant J L De Waal on 1977-10-19.

Black Review

Black Review, was published as an irregular annual by Black Community Programmes (BCP),Durban, which was a major organization within the Black Conciousness movement. It was intended as a survey of contemporary events and trends in the Black community.

The Killing fields of Southern Africa
SASO Newsletter January 1972
SASO Newsletter June 1971
SASO Newsletter March 1972
SASO Newsletter March 1973
SASO Newsletter March 1976
SASO Newsletter May 1971
SASO Newsletter May 1975
SASO Newsletter November 1972
SASO Newsletter November 1975


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