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Black Peoples Convention: Press Release 3rd March 1973

The Black Peoples Convention press release in response to the banning of Black leaders

Chapter twelve: Bannings
Circular from John Daniel, Vice-President of NUSAS, to Overseas Representatives and Executive

Circular from John Daniel, Vice-President of NUSAS, to Overseas Representatives and Executive regarding recent developments in the student world.

Circular from John Daniels, SRC Vice-President

Circular from John Daniels, Vice-President of NUSAS, to SRC Presidents, NUSAS Executive, Local Committee Chairmen, Honorary Officers, Advisory Board, Overseas Representatives, International Student Organisations, National Unions of Students, regarding the NUSAS Deputation to the Minister of Justi

Circular from the SASO National Executive Committee to all SRCs and other Black organisations

Circular to all SRC's, local committees and other Black Organisations calling on Black students to work together for liberation, following the deportation and subsequent house arrest and banning of a final year Theology student, Sabelo S Ntwasa, on Friday 17th March 1972.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XV No. 1 Issued 5 January 1968
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXI No.9 Issued 21 November 1974
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXII No.8 Issued 8 September 1975
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIV No.9 Issued 12 November 1977
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXVI No.1 Issued 10 January 1979
Communist Come-Back?

This month will see witch-hunting taken a stage further in South Africa with the publication by the Minister of Justice of the names of persons so far banned or named in terms of the Suppression of Communism Act.

Correspondence between Jack Simons and Cape Town Chief Magistrate

Letter from Jack Simons to the Chief Magistrate of Cape Town requesting relaxing of banning orders. Includes request to visit his son and daughter and to communicate with his sister-in-law.

Cosatu ban: state hopes to smash apartheid resistance
David de Beer was banned on May 31, 1972
Dear Chief Luthuli


Defence and Aid
Descom Bulletin No 4, July 1983
Directive on the nature of the forthcoming conference

Directive from Oliver Tambo, Acting President of the African National Congress, on the forthcoming Morogoro Conference. Provides brief overview of the previous two conferences held since the banning of the ANC in 1960.

Editorial comment on the State`s banning of "Frontline on Health in Africa"


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