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The youth of Azania represent the momentum of the struggle today
The national question in Azania
The education debate: our view

Circular about the education debate by the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, and includes discussions about the national education crisis, student boycotts and the role of students in the liberation process.

Soweto - era of mass struggles begin
Solidarity: official organ of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, No13

Articles include a statement on the death of Samora Machel, discussions on solidarity, a statemement of reaffirmation, the Chairpersons New Year message etc.

On the threshold of the 21st century: Calling all Azanians
National forum - Africa shall be free when Azania is liberated
National Forum
I am Azania
Frankly speaking ...
Draft position paper on the ideologies of Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness as they have developed in occupied Azania (ie South Africa)
Draft position paper on the Azanian sports manifesto
Death of Taufie Bardien: Azanian freedom fighter
Containment of the Azanian revolution
Azanian Manifesto
Azania or South Africa? PAC's answer
Azania = Land of the Black people
"I will only vote for a free Azania"
Future state: A BPC projection and call of the youth

An article published in the journal Azania Combat that outlines the vision of the Black Peoples Convention for life in Azania and covers aspects such as land, education, religion, human rights, law, health.

Azapo - HIST SA Organisations

DOC 1256-359

Socialist party of Azania
DOC 1256-358

The constitution of SANCO
DOC 1256-357

The constitution of Azapo
DOC 1976-29

Azapo election manifesto
DOC 1976-30

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