arrival of Indians

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Mitchell Gandhinagar Cricket Club

Cricket Team display at the Tongaat Legacy Foundation 150 Years

Mohurrum Festival at Umzinto

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and considered to ... As celebrating Muslims devour the festival with utmost joy and mark it ...

Moonsamy, Mrs Mahabeer, Mrs Veerasamy, Mrs VS Naidoo, Mrs Moonsamy, Mrs VS Pillay, Mrs Mo

Passive Resisters

Moonsamys Grandmother

Moonsamy's Grandmother

Mr and Mrs N Solliar

Sirdar at Spitzkop Sugar Estate

Mrs Sivprasad, Miss Minnatjee, Mrs Somar went to jail for the cause

Passive resisters Mrs. Sivprasad, Miss Minnatjee and Mrs. Somar, who went to gaol for the cause, c. 1910.

Musical Group 1905
Musical Group in Tongaat
Nelson Mandela Receiving the Freedom of the Town of Tongaat 21 October 1994
Old couple
Old Couple
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Woman
Old Woman
Old Woman


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