Areas Reservation

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The Indian Question in South Africa and the Round Table Conference

The Round Table Conference held at Cape Town in December and January last to consider what is commonly termed the Indian question in South Africa, with a view to arriving.

Letter to the Members of the Durban Town Council

The undersigned were appointed by you to appear before the Select Committee dealing with the Bill and we now report having done so.....

Land, town planning, Health committee, Union, Areas reservation, Indian population

Report of Council-In-Committee

During August, 1925, this Committee appointed a Sub-Committee for the purpose of carefully considering and reporting on the Areas Reservation and Immigration and Registration (Further Provisions) Bill, and we now set out hereunder the report of the Sub-Committee together with its recommendations

Areas Reservation and Immigration and Registration (Further Provision) Bill, 1925.

Commerce, Immigrants regulations, Mr Gandhi, Asiatics, Areas Reservation

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