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Young Xhosa maiden taking a bath in the river.


A group of newly married women 'Abatshakazi', coming from the forest to collect wood for a big ceremony.

'Mengana '

'Mengana' the execurion rock in the Eastern Cape at Libode.

'Smoking the Baby'

Xhosa mother smoking her baby with sacred herbs.


Xhosa men together with the groom meeting the bride, in the Eastern Cape.


Young Xhosa men, during their initiation process wearing a grass woven skirt and helmet with the body smeared in white chalk. They are secluded from the community during this period.

Abafazi: Pondo Costumes

Pondo married women in the tradtional outfit:imibhaco in the Eastern Cape near Libode.


Twins standing next to their trees which are planted and dedicated to them after birth as per Xhosa custom. 


Two young Xhosa boys harvesting corn and pumpkins with an Ox- wagon, in the Eastern Cape at Libode.

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