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Correspondence and debate.

Swaziland's road to danger

The present constitution for Swaziland can be said to be a tragic parting gift from Britain.

Edward Wilmot Blyden

A 19th century progenitor of Pan-Africanism and Negritude.

Negritude: a phase

We in South Africa have for the last 300 years of oppression been engaged in a bloody struggle against white supremacy to assert our human, and not African, dignity.

Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.72 1988
Black Consciousness and White Liberals
The poverty of Africanism
Review article: Sobukwe and the PAC
The Split in the ANC, 1958
Anglo-American influences on the Black conciousness movement

It was said by minions of the racist oppressive giant in South Africa that Black Conciousness was nothing but an importation of American Black power. African-Americanism was not only a struggle for power, but it was also a search for identity and the resugence of its cultural values.

"Africanism" under the microscope
The ANC and Nationalism
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.11 Mar 1959
Draft position paper on the ideologies of Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness as they have developed in occupied Azania (ie South Africa)
"African" vs "Black"
Rejoinder to Dr Walter Rodney's criticism of Dr Kwame Nkrumah
Anatomy of an unknown quantity
Ten days of PAYM festival
Afro-American influences on the Black Conciousness Movement

This paper gives an overview of the relationship and differences between Black Consciousness and the civil rights struggle by African Americans

Nigeria and tomorrow's Africa


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