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Letter to Alan and Dorrie Paton
Letter to Alan Paton
Town Hall, Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg Town Hall (1900)

Zulu girdle

A beaded Zulu skirt in white, blue, green and red. Large back apron with halved diamonds and frontal apron in white, blue and red scarpped pattern attached to the fringed belt. This was worn by women.


A woooden carved spoon (black and light brown, from KwaZulu-Natal

Zulu Milk Pail

Wooden milk pail with three legs and commonly known as Ithunga. 

Shangaan Sculpture

Wooden sculpture of a Shangaan woman, draped in beadwork.It was made by Solomon Sedibane a Pedi sculpture in 1960.This sculputure is one of those exhibited in South Africa and New York, The exhibition was commissioned by the department of Bantu Education..

Head rest

A simple straight headrest standing on three fluted legs and cross-bar. It was made in GreyTown and can also be used as a stool.


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