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Gandhi in South Africa

Serious bio•raphical research on Mohandas K, Gandhi remains in, a fairly primitive condition. Louis Fischer's.........

Gandhi's South African Days - Sathyagraha and the Tolstoy Farm

Indian an Foreign Review, Vol. 18. No. 6. 1 - 14 January 1981, Article included Gandhi's South African Days - Sathyagraha and the Tolstoy Farm by Sund


May 1st day of black worker solidarity

MAY DAY or International Labour Day has a very great historical significance. It is a day when workers the world over reach across continents.....

First Indian Trade Union Congress
The Zulu War of 1879
The Anglo-Zulu War: 100 years war on
Brave men died in an unjust war
Cover page - The Anglo-Zulu War:New Perspectives

In 1879 news of the Zulu victory at Isandlwana reverberated around the world.A century later,modern scholars are still reassessing the causes of the Anglo-Zulu War and its impact upon Zulu society,southern Africa and the British Empire

African and Afrikaner History

There can be little doubt that the new Oxford History of South Africa re- presents a major andessential first step in the rethinking of South African history. While in the 1930s and 1940s South …

South Africa and Independent Black Africa

In what has commonly been described as the opening or a new chapter in South Africa's relations with the rest or.....

South African History : a new look

South African History : a new look. N G Garson p 287-292 African Studies - CA 1975

Presidential address to South Africa Indian Congress by Mr A Christopher

President of the South African Indian Congress at the Emergency Conference

Report of deputation to J C Smuts

 President and members......

Assisted emigration documents and letters

South African Indian Congress

Mosque in Transvaal

Muslims make up about 3% of South Africa's population of nearly 60 million. Muslims have lived in South Africa for hundreds of years and have ...


Mahatma Gandhi, byname of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Gandhi with Sarojini Naidoo and others

Gandhi and others

Gandhi and Passive Resistance c. 1908

Group photo of Passive Resistance Movement

Lord Roberts enters Pretoria 1900 - Anglo Boer War

Lord Roberts entering Pretoria, Boer War, South Africa, 1900 . Pretoria, the Boer capital of the South African Republic fell to the British under Field Marshal Lord ...

Old Indian School

Image of an old school building

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